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Why Can’t We Talk about Peace in Public? « The Moderate Observer
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Why Can’t We Talk about Peace in Public? « The Moderate Observer:

America’s growing economic dependence on the hi-tech defense industry is creating a culture that views peace and nonviolence as seditious concepts.
“The fellas from 121 started showing up the other day. It’s starting to sink in… I’ll have to go home, the opportunities to kill these fuckers is rapidly coming to an end. Like a hobby I’ll never get to practice again. It’s not a great war, but it’s the only one we’ve got. God, I do love killing these bastards. … Morale is high, the Marines can smell the barn. It’s hard to keep them focused. I still have 20 days of kill these motherfuckers, so I don’t wanna take even one day off. � — letter home from an unnamed Marine F/A -18 pilot in Iraq.
The above letter arrived in my inbox via an email circular sent by an acquaintance of mine, a defense analyst and former congressional aide named Winslow Wheeler. It came alongside a pained commentary by another former Pentagon analyst named Franklin (Chuck) Spinney, who is probably best known for the famous “Spinney report� of the mid-’80s which exposed the waste and inefficiency of many hi-tech Defense Department projects.

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