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Yeast Radio Sirius Shows for Week of 04.23.07
Categories: Politics

Madge discusses the enormous fat ass that was located next to her on the plane from NYC to Floridturd. Madge talks about how fat people should be banned from airplanes. Madge sides with Don Imus because she too is a nappy headed whore.

Madge talks about Tristan from Podcamp NYC, Dagomatic’s podcasts, the smell of eggs, and China’s poisonous wheat. Also Madge rebuts Dubya’s speeches in real time and sprays her post- menopausal juices everywhichway. Lots of listenturd audio comments are played as well.

Zeeche to Madge love songs, Torn Anus turns into a fat bitch. Navaho indian’s on xanax. Chinese hate crimes with Penny Pin Change. Cunt stench galore!

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