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Categories: Politics | Comments Off on Pop Goes the Housing Bubble. Opinion: Capital Commerce: : Fed may slash rates to save the economy That’s how a Wall Street economist described to me the attitudes of south Florida homebuilders to whom he recently gave a speech. The economist might have gotten a similar earful had he chatted with homebuilders in the Northeast or California. Same dreadful […]

Categories: Politics | Comments Off on Flu Shots Save People with Heart Disease Health: A flu shot could save your life If you have a history of heart disease, as more than 12 million U.S. adults do, roll up your sleeve and bare your arm, urges a new advisory from the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology. Getting a flu shot not only protects against […]

Categories: Politics | Comments Off on Stupid Americans Don’t Know Even ONE of the Three Branches of Government Nation & World: What Supreme Court? Many Americans lack basic Supreme Court knowledge A sobering new survey of the public’s knowledge about its own government shows that fully one third of Americans are unable to name even one of the government’s three branches, and just over half believe that the president must follow Supreme […]