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Laporte’s Podcast Agenda
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Umm did I miss something? When did LaPorte become one of the founders of the medium of Podcasting… seriously.

Laporte’s Podcast Agenda Don’t Screw It Up
Laporte is the host of the smash-hit podcast TWiT (This Week in Technology), which is downloaded millions of times each time it is released into cyberspace. But beyond being one of the founders of the medium, Laporte is a 30-year radio and television veteran. Active in building the old media, for which he has few nice things to say, his real passion, he says, is still just a toddler.


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  1. Steve says:

    If I remember rightly he didn’t even get going with podcasting until July ’05 – after the iTunes 4.9 release.

    I know he didn’t buy a copy of my app until that month and started doing TWiT.