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IMing sucks time
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I hardly ever go on line on AIM, skype, or jabber any more. It just sucks all my time up.

…that and sleeping

10 Comments to “IMing sucks time”

  1. Steve says:

    I agree, it’s a productivity killer, disruptive and really slow for something supposed to be instant.

    I’ve cut back to AIM and am only visible to people who I know understand the meaning of the word “busy” and who I can tell to fuck off (nicely).

    Sleep is important. That’s why I do it all day. Goodnight! 😀

  2. JayT says:

    Please don’t tell me to fuck off – that would hurt my feelings 🙁

  3. Andy Melton says:

    Then answer your email, Mary! lol 🙂

  4. I don’t mean to ignore you. I must be missing your emails. I suck.

  5. Andy Melton says:

    P.S. It was a MySQL question. I’m having issues importing the qPodder database into my local installation, I’ve increased the 2 meg limit to an ungodly amount of 250 megs, still didn’t work. I can’t do it on Go’sDaddy because of the 2 meg limit and they don’t have the option to break the file up.

  6. Andy Melton says:

    Don’t forget eating takes up all your time, at least it does mine.

  7. Andy Melton says:

    And replying to blog posts.

  8. Andy Melton says:

    Original email:


    I am having some issues importing the qPodder database. I cannot
    import it on GoDaddy because they only allow 2 meg files and there is
    not an option to break up the file into several pieces and of course I
    don’t have access to the server (shared hosting). I have tried to
    import it onto the server here at the house with no luck. I went into
    my php.ini file and increased the file upload limit in 3 places from 2
    megs to 286 megs, I rebooted the server and the limit was successfully
    changed, however, it still will not import the file. When the file is
    being uploaded it will quit uploading, almost as if it has time out.
    But, the connection to the database has not timed out because I can
    still navigate phpMyAdmin.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  9. Jenny says:

    Fuk your whiney!

  10. Whore,
    You’re getting to be a real cunt in your post-menapausal old age!