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Is America Dead?
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nathaniel and the non-aggressive » is america dead? (updated below)
riday was, perhaps, the saddest day in American history. And it went mostly quickly and quietly, except for the “liberal” lefty blogger base.

These crazy opponents to Bush’s new bill, which passed in the Senate 65-34, actually believe that Bush should not be able to legally torture or hold detainees permanently, without trial or charges. Don’t they know people are trying to kill them? Like, journalists or whatever, for example. Habeas corpus no longer exists, Bush and his cronies have been unilaterally pardoned for war crimes, I can’t go on, I am too upset. As always, read some of Glenn’s last few blogs for insightful commentary and legal translations.

More importantly, read Feingold’s comprehensive, clear and patriotic opposition – if only he had broken rank and filibustered. I feel ashamed. Rome must fall.

Update. I think it’s important to further note here (and by here, I mean as an American ex-pat living in South Africa), that one of the most feared and hated aspects of the Apartheid state was the lack of habeas corpus. So officially, the US, Beacon Democracy and Fighter for Freedom, is where, exactly, now?

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