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My wikipedia entry sucks. It bascially says that I did drugs and then put a dress on and shot some porn. Nothing about what I accomplished and brought to the world. Thanks a lot.

looks like something noneck would have written

and for whatever it’s worth: I have a personal policy of not ever editing my own wikipedia entry BUT if I didn’t, I would delete the whole thing right now.

3 Comments to “sukipedia”

  1. Matt Blender says:

    What specifically do you think your entry is lacking?

  2. JayT says:

    LOL –

    Didn’t see your last comment at frist, but I was going to suggest you do as someone else does and edit it yourself – no name mentioned.


  3. Andy Melton says:

    Editing your own entry is tacky, in my opinion. If there was an entry for me, they’d get it wrong too, they’d just say I’m fat and not even realize the other things I do. HOWEVER, with the next release of my website I am going to write up a little information about myself, so, someone out there MIGHT make one for me! lol. Actually, I don’t really give a crap. I mean, when I go to do a search for someone, Wikipedia isn’t exactly the first place I look, I just Google them.