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System Upgrade – The PodShow Garage’s Blog –
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System Upgrade – The PodShow Garage’s Blog –
Hello all and we hope that your weekend is off to a great beginning! Everyone here at PodShow has been working hard this week, and this weekend is no exception. On Sunday morning, we are going to be adding several racks of new, uber-cool, super-fast, and highly sexy servers to our network. (Well, OK – maybe they aren’t sexy, but they are definitely uber-cool, at least that is what the developers have told us.) Why are we doing this you ask? Some would say that we are crazy to take down our site for any length of time, how else are the legions of fans going to get their fix of the best independent videos, music and podcasts on the planet? As our parents used to say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Truth-be-told, we are doing it so that we can connect you to the growing audience and they can find and experience your content.

Here is the upgrade schedule:

Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2006
Time: 1:00AM- 5:00AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT -7 hours)

During this time you will not be able to access your accounts, view, or listen to any podcasts. Have no fear; we will have some videos at the ready to keep you busy during this time. What is it you ask? That, my friend is a surprise. I can’t go spoiling that, now can I? After the scheduled maintenance, you will be able to return to your media as before, but with marked improvements across the board. Enjoy.

– Mechanic Joe

2 Comments to “System Upgrade – The PodShow Garage’s Blog –”

  1. Andy Melton says:

    Jesus Christ, did Cali Lewis (however it is spelt) write that? Ok, I know she didn’t. LIKE TOTALLY! OMG! AWESOME! COOL NEW UBER COOL SERVERS! OMG! LIKE TOTALLY! AWESOME! HOW ARE TODAY BLOSSOM!?!?! – give me a break…geeks don’t talk like that.

  2. Kyle Shank says:

    Andy, it’s all part of the UN-volutionary approach to service management. I think its still in UN-beta too…