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Edwards Drops the Gay Ball | CorrenteWire
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Edwards Drops the Gay Ball | CorrenteWire
Let’s just make it simple. John, here’s what you say: I support full and equal rights for all Americans, period. That includes the right to marry, regardless of orientation. That’s not hard. As Pam notes, “moral values� handwringing and wishywashy “my daughter is for it before I was against it� really won’t help you. Fact: gay-haters will never vote for you anyway. Fact: you can ride a huge wave of mobilized, loyal to the death gays and progressives (see: Dean) if you come out on the right side of this issue. Fact: every passing year there are more of us and fewer of them (homophobes). Only the right wing noise machine gives the impression that they represent some large portion of the population. Fact: even in states where anti-gay initiatives passed, progressive candidates beat out the gay hating Republicans who ran on gay bashing (see: VA)It’s likely Hillary and Obama will also take the “faggots at the back of the bus� stance, so you’re not going to win over any of their supporters by echoing them.

Be brave man, take a stand. You can’t be the Progressive Candidate without getting on board the equality train all the way.

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