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Iraq executes 13 convicted criminals – Yahoo News
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Great. This is what our troops died for… more death. Death upon death upon death. THis world is retarded and evil.

Iraq executes 13 convicted criminals – Yahoo News
Iraqi authorities executed 13 men by hanging Tuesday after they were convicted of murder and kidnapping, lining them up in hoods and green jumpsuits with their hands bound behind their backs.

In a rare move that came amid chaotic violence sweeping the capital, the Iraqi government recorded and distributed graphic television footage of the convicts in the moments before they were put to death. The footage was given to both Iraqi and foreign media.

The images showed two men standing together on a gallows with nooses around their necks. Several of them stooped, and one had his arm around the shoulder of another as the hooded men stood in a row shortly before they were hanged.

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  1. True, but on this one… we are the #1 retards! Go America! I think I need to go put another ribbon magnet on my car….