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YAY! We made assholes of the year
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As if reading blog after boring blog of people going on about how depressed they are or how so-and-so snubbed them in the lunchroom wasn’t bad enough, the sudden rise in popularity of sites like Youtube have now given rise to a new era; that of the video blog.At least with blogging, the barrier for entry was a rudimentary knowledge of the English language. Now, all that’s required is a webcam and a willingness to completely embarrass yourself in front of strangers. This fad has crossed over all socio-economic levels, from the teenage emo chick going off about how My Chemical Romance’s new album makes her want to cut herself, to the fortysomething office clerk ranting for five minutes over something Bill O’Reilly said the other night for merely two minutes.Get it straight. The only reason to use Youtube is browse illegal clips of The Colbert Report and old music videos. I’m not emoting with you, I’m laughing at you.

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