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Josh Wolf will be on PBS Frontline This Week
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He’s one of us and he’s been in jail longer than any other refusenick journalist:

The Revolution Will Be Televised » Watch Josh on PBS Frontline!
Part two of the extraordinary Frontline series titled News War aired last night and will replay on PBS affiliates this week. Check it out. Watch the whole episode. Seeing Josh’s story in the context of the bigger ugly picture is very enlightening and disturbing. I believe many people who watched the show last night will be moved to take action on Josh’s behalf. Tell everyone you know to watch it and mark your calendars to watch upcoming parts 3 and 4.

You can also watch the series on on the PBS website. To watch the segment with Josh click on the image below. Click on PART TWO and then scroll down to CHAPTER 15. But again, I recommend watching the entire episode to really set the context.

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