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The Queen’s new YouTube channel proves that she has changed the status of the Windsor family from Upper Class to white trash in less than one lifetime. Hilarious.

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He’s one of us and he’s been in jail longer than any other refusenick journalist: The Revolution Will Be Televised » Watch Josh on PBS Frontline! Part two of the extraordinary Frontline series titled News War aired last night and will replay on PBS affiliates this week. Check it out. Watch the whole episode. Seeing […]

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I’m sad that google video is going away and instead will become a search engine. Google Video had much better video quality and you could download the video. Plus, Google Video never banned my account due to homophobia like YouTube did. DEATH TO YOUTUBE! THEY UNFAIRLY CENSOR GAYS! 

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They have cancelled my account for posting non-pornographic material. Youtube is censorship. I’ll cuntinue posting my stuff on which is NOT censored at all. PLEASE BOYCOTT YOUTUBE. It’s not a good thing. Anyone can get a free account at and post anything without fear of censwhoreship as well. may be the same […]