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Cindy Sheehan Says Don’t Pay Taxes – No Taxation Without Representation
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No Taxation Without Representation
Cindy Sheehan

I have about had it!

The Bush Criminal Mob is asking Congress for $123 billion more dollars to fund their total demolition of Iraq and their future crime sprees in such places as Iran and perhaps, Syria.

Despite the notable and courageous actions of such Congress Reps as Barbara Lee (D-Ca), Lynn Woolsey (D-Ca), Maxine Waters (D-Ca), Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh) and John Lewis (D-Ga ), it looks like the supplemental bill is going to sail through Congress with the backing of the Dem leadership who blocked the adding of any amendments reining in Bloody George to the supplemental funding.

The ungodly evil rhetoric of “supporting the troopsâ€? to defend their support of this new pile of blood money is immoral and insupportable—especially considering the fact that our VA hospitals are falling apart and returning Vets are committing suicide because they can’t get the help they need to throw some water on the fire of their PTSD. And we know that Congress, better than anybody, knows who really gets these billions of dollars, because some of that money trickles down into many of their own pockets: the War Machine.

Besides the stranglehold that the War Machine has on our government and our lives, the weasly Dem leadership is using the flesh of our flesh as political pawns in their high-stakes game of presidential politics. The Dems are frightened by the fact that if they bravely bring our troops out of the mess that they are mired in, thereby “losing� the war in Iraq, that the Dems will lose the presidency in 2008.

There is so many things wrong with that stinkin’ thinkin.’ First of all, there is not one hair breadth of difference between a Republican and someone who votes, talks, and acts like a Republican. Secondly, our troops should be treated like they are human beings, with tender loving care knowing that each and every one of them is precious to somebody. They should not be used as cold political calculations.

The last two reasons are obvious and I know that they Dem leadership is as aware of these reasons as I am: the occupation of Iraq was lost as soon as the first tank rolled over the border and the first smart bomb was dropped on innocent people in Baghdad. It was fated to be a monumental failure because its foundation was feebly pasted together on lies, deception and greed and citizens of a country have more at stake to overcome occupiers and in the whole history of this planet an occupation has never been successful and always profoundly weakens the imperial occupiers.

If the Dems would step out and lead out of their humanity and not with their greed for money/power like the Bush Mob, then there would be a landslide in 2008 and we Americans could revel in authentic and reasonable leaders, not mourn another administration of craven cowards.

This supplemental funding bill will pass, and I believe that giving George Bush a blank check for more killing is reprehensible and I refuse to support these crimes against humanity with my own funds.

I urge every American with a heart, compassion, and a sense for justice and a return to moral based leadership to join me in withholding our money from this murderous and callous government.

Give your money to peace or justice groups instead. Give your money to homeless shelters; grass-roots Katrina recovery efforts; create a “Peace Scholarship� at your local college to reward a young person who doesn’t want to join the military to pay for college; give to Veteran’s groups who are advocating for better care for our veterans or a group like IVAW which is a group of returning vets who are actively trying to stop the war; give to War Resisters to support legal aid for our active duty soldiers who refuse to go to war; give to Camp Casey; give to your local peace group.

I am sure there are thousands of places to put our money besides the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex. So many people and groups have been damaged because of our war economy. A lot of good could be done with our tax dollars instead of funding continued killing.

Our elected officials have failed us miserably. We elected them to oppose George and his war, not support him. We are not being represented properly and I, for one, refuse to be taxed by them.

Think about it. Reflect.

Google: “War Tax Resistance” for tons of good information.

1 Comment to “Cindy Sheehan Says Don’t Pay Taxes – No Taxation Without Representation”

  1. Aaron S. says:

    “our troops should be treated like they are human beings, with tender loving care knowing that each and every one of them is precious to somebody. They should not be used as cold political calculations”

    Omigod, this is the best quote EVER in REAL support of the troops! And spoken by somebody who should know. Even the ossified, cynical right-wing Cindy-Haters can’t argue with this logic (although they will attempt to use it in accusing her of doing the very thing she decries–despite the obvious differences).