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Flickericious Dick Seep
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I was going to renew my flickr account and at least temporarily decided not to because of the extremely annoying 2.0licious language used in their email to me today.

So, if you don’t know how to write, that’s fine. Just say what you want to say. Adding moronic diminutives and Stepford Wives adjectives to your sentences just makes people hate you.

Just a friendly reminder that your Flickr PRO account will
expire on: Sunday, March 18.

You can purchase another year or two of Flickr PRO goodness

If your PRO account does expire, don’t panic! There’s
information in our FAQ on what you can expect:

As always, Flickreenos are standing by if you have any
questions or comments. Please feel free to drop a line to
Flickr Help:

The Flickreenos

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  1. Toby Polio says:

    As always, Flickreenos are standing