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New site for people with disabilities ~ tech of a wheelee
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New site for people with disabilities ~ tech of a wheelee:

Having a disability and really using the internet and technology as a tool for networking. I have found a sight called It is a message board, forum for dating similar to myspace. It is also a place where people with disabilities can learn about good ways to travel, accessible cities, and the best medical equipment available. A friend introduced me to the site. I have tried it for about two weeks and have mixed feelings about the forum. In my profile I put “in relationship� and “here for friends� but the amount of guys that want to chat and hit on you is amazing. I know it happens everywhere, but this is ridiculous. I get an email about every hour from some guy wanting to chat. Disability networking would be great if the majority of members in the forums wanted to be there for more than just finding a companion.

Since a friend from myspace is a also a member I may stick with it to see how the forum grows. Hopefully in a positive way.

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3 Comments to “New site for people with disabilities ~ tech of a wheelee”

  1. Cheryl says:

    i did not know u were a disabled honaye. that be crazy.

  2. MarkinDetroit says:

    Mentally disabled, not physically….

  3. Cheryl says:

    HA. same diff. a tard is a tard HONAYEEEEEEEEEEEEE