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Follow-Up on the Hillary/Obama Thing
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I’m trying to put some closure (well not really closure- can’t think of a better word) on this topic because the debate among friends and acquaintances has gotten heated. I respect anyone who does his/her best to vote for the right person. My friends are pretty much split down the middle with respect to Hillary/Obama. I truly respect them all and their decisions. I like that people are talking about this and debating about this instead of talking about Health Ledger all Brittney all the time.

Maybe the reason we often avoid politics as a culture is because often people take things personally and feelings get hurt. We have to get past that.

This has been a healthy debate. When I consider that just a few weeks ago I was complaining that nobody was twittering of substance, I am amazed.

People are taking this stuff seriously which is good. But we can’t take it personally or,I feel, we will shy away from political topics in the future. This allows other people to decide our fate.

So, I appreciate (I can’t say enjoy) the debate and hope it continues. But please keep in mind that anyone who informs themselves and is earnestly doing the best they can in a democratic process deserves respect for doing so.

I don’t know if that makes sense.

Studs Terkel has often said, “They say you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion, but that means you can’t talk about life!” I agree with that

2 Comments to “Follow-Up on the Hillary/Obama Thing”

  1. Andy Melton says:

    I can’t agree more with this. With respect to my friends the split is 50/50, too. However, people in my neck of the woods are actually Republicans but they don’t count. Anyways, I completely see what you are talking about happening within my own circles (and circles as in the people around me, since I’m so huge). Whenever I see someone say that an Obama speech is vile and makes them throw up I want to stop following them immediately.

  2. Steve says:

    I notice everywhere that people are getting very hotheaded about this. It is great to see such passion, but nobody should lose friends over it. It’s amazing there are two such strong candidates to choose between.

    The interview with Obama that you played on YR clinched it for me (except I can’t actually vote in US elections… a minor detail) but I wouldn’t be upset if Hillary got the nomination. I have a feeling she will too, but it will be very close.

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