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China Disgusts Me
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I’m livid to hear about the murder of Akmal Shaikh by the Chinese communist government. Akmal was a British citizen and this was the first time china executed a foreign national in about 50 years. The guy they killed was, according to his family, a sufferer of severe bipolar disorder complete with delusions of grandeur. He was killed for drug possession.

The level of disrespect by the Chinese paid to Britain and humanity in general is profound on so many levels. Britain does not allow the death penalty under any circumstances. For that matter neither does the EU as a whole. It’s a slap in the face of diplomacy to punish a citizen of another country for a crime which would not be punishable by death in the other country.

But to really understand the sadistic nature of China, just read the following quote from a BBC story about the murder:

The Shaikh family also said it was “particularly distasteful” that judges at an appeal hearing laughed openly at Akmal’s rambling speech as he pleaded for his life.


It is worth noting that the trial lasted only half an hour and the patient was not even given psychiatric evaluation.

Over a year ago you may recall that I researched the organ trade in China. It is well documented that they (legally) use executed prisoners’ organs for transplant without permission. What is not well documented is the suspicion that prisoners of conscience, Falun Gong members, in particular are being executed solely for their organs which are then being sold to foreigners and others. But there is only circumstantial evidence of this, albeit a ton of it.

What I can’t seem to find out is if the family was able to verify that Akmal was killed by lethal injection. The family did not receive the body. China took the liberty of disposing of the body as well. Another profound disrespect.

China is getting too powerful and they must be stopped before they get even more power. China is testing the international community. We have to punish them before it gets even worse.

UPDATE (from the UK’s Daily Mail):

A British official said yesterday that the Chinese authorities had also denied relatives’ requests to inspect Mr Shaikh’s body.
His family had asked for a Muslim burial, which demands that the body be buried intact.
But China has a notorious record of harvesting executed prisoners’ organs and selling them for the domestic transplant trade.

3 Comments to “China Disgusts Me”

  1. China has been burned by opium. Opium introduced into China by the British. I am not surprised that they have such tough laws.


    PS I like how you remind the reader that the Chinese government is ‘communist’. Nice touch.

  2. Miguel says:

    I’m afraid reality in China is even worse than what you describe here. But we’re all to blame at some level. That €30 microwave oven? Not made respecting workers (or basic human) rights. But everyone buys one, right?

  3. Xavier says:

    The tragic history of mentally ill and psychotic individuals executed by states around the world is yet to be written.

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