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My last post on Google+
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UPDATE: google+ would not allow this to be posted, ironically enough.

unpostable last google+ post

This will be my last post on Google+. This morning google cancelled my account for an unspecified TOS violation. This would have been upsetting but not the end of the world. What was the end of the world, however, was that they also disabled my gmail account, and all other gmail services for my bloatedlesbianjew email address. Not only that, but they offered no opportunity for redress other than a silly comment form that nobody reads.

They finally reactivated my gmail after several hours and me complaining to some very vocal tweeters such as Violet Blue and Skud, but the did so with no explanation, apology or anything.

During the time, my email was blocked, gmail didn’t even send a bounce notification to the senders of my email telling them that my account was inactive.

You can read my twitter feeed bloatedlesbian for more details but suffice it so say i no longer trust google with my data.

I am furious with google’s negligence. I will come up with harsher words after I come back from a trip this weekend.

My advice to everyone on google:
1) back up everything
2) have a down time plan if all google services go out
3) think for yourself.

At least I no longer have to figure out how to fit Google+ into my life. It doesn’t.

3 Comments to “My last post on Google+”

  1. Jon says:

    I guess the best solution isto host your own email with your domain via GoDaddy

  2. Xavier says:

    Maybe it was just a glitch?

  3. Jack says:

    like the google adwords banned you for writing christ it hurts

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