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AMERICAblog: A blog for a great nation that deserves the truth Isn’t that convenient. Right before the elections the Saudis suddenly decide to help lower oil prices. Now why is that? Oh yeah, I remember: In an interview that aired Sunday on CBS, Woodward, a Washington Post editor, said that Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the […]

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I feel that those who in the 90’s defended Clinton for getting persecuted for lying about a blow job and now are out to get Foley are hippocrites. And no I can’t spell. I happen to have been one of those who defended Clinton BUT I also feel the same way about Foley. We mustn’t […]

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Maybe there is some hope. No thanks to the left-wing bloggers who are obsessed with some old queen who can’t get his dick up anyway. Griper Blade: Bush’s only Legal Argument for the Detainee Bill; The Supreme Court Doesn’t Exist The Mark Foley scandal has been media wallpaper lately. I watched yesterday as Foley’s lawyer […]