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Democrat Hipocrites
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I feel that those who in the 90’s defended Clinton for getting persecuted for lying about a blow job and now are out to get Foley are hippocrites. And no I can’t spell.

I happen to have been one of those who defended Clinton BUT I also feel the same way about Foley. We mustn’t have double standards. It disgusts me to see so many left wing politicians and bloggers stoop to the level of the likes of Ken Starr and Linda “Mac Truck Face” Tripp.
Why go after Republicans in this manor when you can go attack their policies? Oh no that would be too honest; too direct. You would have to actually have principles you’d have to own and stand by. That would require soome humanity.

Get fucked. I’m tired of it.

2 Comments to “Democrat Hipocrites”

  1. Steve says:

    I can understand how tempting it is for people to rattle the Bush administration’s cage, especially with the timing so close to the November elections, but you’re right. For the Democrats to keep going for Foley after Clinton’s cum stain is hypocritical (hippocritical). Foley’s issues are personal and don’t even touch on his party’s problems and incompetence.

    The Democrats should taking this momentum and using it to discredit the administration, its policies and the people involved in ways that actually mean something.

    It’s not enough to gossip among friends or prance around bitching. The Democrats need a strong voice and the courage to say when something is wrong, not be intimidated by a psychopathic spin machine. Moderate Republicans (i.e. swing voters), in fact anyone who believes in democracy and the rule of law should be seriously concerned about recent events, but they need a place to go. They won’t find that place unless the Democrats say they are against these things and will reverse them if possible.

    Still, the next month or so should be interesting. Elections are always really telling and the last two Presidential elections were so close, it indicates that US voters were largely undecided and virtually just flipped a coin, ballot paper, or Floridian voting machine to determine the outcome. They need someone to make the right decision absolutely clear.

  2. Justin says:

    It embarrasses me that the only message that Democrats can get across to the voters of this nation involves a sex scandal.

    Why the fuck can’t the Democratic Party get it together and explain to the public what Bush has done to us as citizens, our country, the Iraqi people, and the world? It’s ridiculous.

    Instead, we have Foley Fanboys like Americablog who spend 24×7 beating the story to death, and then have the nerve to post this as the intro to their Open Thread yesterday morning: “So North Korea has nukes now. Of course, the Today [Show] gave 90 seconds to that, then ran a long segment on the latest Foley development about Kolbe knowing 6 years ago.” WTF? Pot? Kettle?

    If Democrats can’t take back a majority this election cycle, there is no hope for the party. If that happens, it’s time to start over. The Democratic Party will be dead.