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Attention Video Geeks
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The Camcorder ratings for 2006 have just been posted. This is pretty much the best source for consumer camcorder ratings as far as I know.

4 Comments to “Attention Video Geeks”

  1. I want the Canon XH-A1 bad 😀

  2. have you seen the Sony HDR-SR1 yet? I’m curious about its video quality.

  3. Tim says:

    I’m still vlogging, or trying to, with a 5-year-old JVC DVL510U. It’s old, and now its tape drive is shitting. I like the idea of onboard hard-drive DV cams, but I also like the idea of having a box full of mini-DV tapes with all my original footage on them. If I only had, say, $1000 to spend on a new DV cam, which route do you think would make the most sense — mini-DV or hard-drive DV?

  4. Well, if the JVC dies, what are you gonna be able to play your old tapes on? Heh? So I would go with the panasonic 3chip minidv cams like the gs-500. I may be getting one this week for my euro trip. OR- think about HDV which is backwards compatible with DV if you can afford it- cannon makes a nice one for $1100 or so but it has no mic-in jack and shitty low light. HD also requires lots of CPU juices.