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Be true to your vision.
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No matter fucking what.

4 Comments to “Be true to your vision.”

  1. Steve says:

    So true.

    So fucking difficult, too.

  2. Steve says:

    …but actually it’s easy, when you know how.

    You have to be strong. People say all sorts of things to psyche you out: you’re completely wrong about this, you need that, why don’t we do this IT’LL BE GREAT!!!

    The reality can be so much different.

    People should have to prove the worth of their ideas against the strict criteria of the vision and feel easy about being honest on what’s good and bad.

    Some things look so easy, don’t they? Until you try them yourself.

    Then you realise the people who make it look so effortless are putting a lot of effort and talent in behind the scenes.

    BTW, I spent a few hours playing around with a new version of a website last night, mostly going “WTF?!”.

  3. PizzaBabe says:

    This is what i was commenting about in your last podcast..your vision.

  4. Wanda Wisdom says:

    blay to the ho, baby! thanks for the reminder!!!! have fun toodling off about the planet!