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Is podcasting dead?
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I’ve seen a few bloggers ask this question of late. No, it’s not dead, no thanks to those of you who have already given up on it in the search for the next big thing.

Podcasting is not dead for those who had a message before they found the medium.

Vlogging will have the same result. It’s natural because a majority of the people that do it, do it in order to make money, instead of for the love of the craft and the artistry.

Until recently I was dismayed by this. Now I find it empowering that those of you with nothing to offer but an empty shell of technology and painful indentations from your pants that are the largest size you can buy at the non-fatty store will soon be moving on. Good luck with that.

I’m almost ready to fight again. All the other original podcasters and vloggers should join the fight. There’s no reason why corporate vapid videodrome shit should win out. If it does, it’s our own fault for not keeping what’s ours. You don’t have to sacrifice your integrity. You can tell people to fuck themselves and still make money. In fact, you should.


5 Comments to “Is podcasting dead?”

  1. Cheryl says:

    AMENZ SISTAH! Shiet…. ain’t that the truff honaye.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m really happy to see this!

    I read somewhere that in business there’s this concept called the churn window that happens with next big things. Something gets a lot of attention and a huge number of people or companies jump on the bandwagon, but as time goes by, the losers drop off and what’s left is what will stay the course.

    It’s usually the original people who see it through, because they understood or even defined the phenomenon from the outset and know exactly what makes it good and where to take it.

    So, it’s good to see the window closing. As the dross melts away, people with real talent can get on with making podcasting really happen for listeners, not just those who like talking but never provide something original, insightful, entertaining or whatever – a compelling reason to listen and a way to engage people that isn’t possible elsewhere.

    Or: werk the thing, honaye.

  3. Rebecca Nay says:

    I agree with this completely… Except for Steve’s choice of words “stay the course”… That makes me nauseous..

  4. Hey Rebeccunt- Can you cum on my show for a “State of the Gyne” report?

  5. mikeypod says:


    i was asking that same question a while back.

    it passed.