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Apple Censors LIght Nudity but Encourages Murder Desensitization
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Here’s another article about Apple censoring its precious APP store. This time it’s about the Playboy app which doesn’t allow the display of playmates because they are NUDE!

My issue is this: Have you looked at the game section of the APP store lately? There are hundreds if not thousands of FPS (First Person Shooter) games that train kids how to kill things. These are the same types of tools that our Army uses to train soldiers how to kill people.

Does this really make sense? It’s OK to sell apps that desensitize children to murder and death in general but they can’t look at a picture of two people having sex or of a simple naked person.

So much for “make love not war.”

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  1. The Windowlicker says:

    Of course, we need more youth to fight for us, and die. We dont need more youth sitting around all day, masturbating, and playing games like World of Warcraft. That would be just plain wrong… oh wait… that’s me. Oh well. Im Phucked.

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