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Here’s another article about Apple censoring its precious APP store. This time it’s about the Playboy app which doesn’t allow the display of playmates because they are NUDE! My issue is this: Have you looked at the game section of the APP store lately? There are hundreds if not thousands of FPS (First Person Shooter) […]

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1:31 jtv: Please don’t write obnoxious messages. They will not be sent. You can’t swear on, even though it’s supposedly “Your TV channel,” YOU don’t get to decide what people can say on YOUR chat room. We need to have a discussion on censorship in the moronosphere. is there a site for live video […]

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FACEBOOK IS OFFICIALLY OVER, as is social networking in general. This National Socialist Networking site operates on the premise that we need them more than they need us. Well get fucked. Facebook was an annoying waste of time that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to fill lonely spiritually deficient americans’ empty minds and time. […]

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