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I just watched the Bad Romance video for the first time today, yes today December 31, 2009. I totally get why Lady Gaga is so popular now. DUH! Textbook unresolved Oedipus complex sold to gay men via bathhouse metaphor. DUH! Next pop pls.

The bill sucks a lot and keeps getting to suck more but in its current form it provides middle and low income people with billions in subsidies to help pay for coverage. Also, it eliminates the ability of insurance companies to refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions. CUrrently coverage can and usually is refused for disorders […]

America has never been about equality. It’s about inequality. Case in point: marriage equality. Case in point: healthcare. There are assholes in this world who don’t think that everyone should have equal access to healthcare as well as marriage. Whether it’s about race, gender, sexual preference, etc., it’s always about the same thing: bigotry. We […]