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America’s Bigotry and “Purity”

America has never been about equality. It’s about inequality. Case in point: marriage equality. Case in point: healthcare. There are assholes in this world who don’t think that everyone should have equal access to healthcare as well as marriage. Whether it’s about race, gender, sexual preference, etc., it’s always about the same thing: bigotry. We are a nation of bigots. We hide this bigotry under a thin layer of “kindness” and “positive thinking.” So many are afraid to say anything “negative” which could endanger their “purity of heart.” But it’s just a bunch of fake bullshit. Say what you are and what you mean, please.

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  1. Mike C says:

    Also, I believe people use the “positive thinking” and “purity of heart” to mask their real intentions. Along with being Christian, it’s unacceptable in this country to even doubt the sincerity of people who can feign these attributes.

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