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Just look at today’s Supreme Court decision to lift campaign finance limits. This decision was made along party lines with the court’s four liberals dissenting. ALL FIVE of the majority opinion were judges appointed by Republican presidents. So now corporations have even more control thanks to the court whose majority was created by Republican presidents. […]

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1:31 jtv: Please don’t write obnoxious messages. They will not be sent. You can’t swear on, even though it’s supposedly “Your TV channel,” YOU don’t get to decide what people can say on YOUR chat room. We need to have a discussion on censorship in the moronosphere. is there a site for live video […]

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I have to say- I don’t pay any more attention to scandals like this then I do about Bradgelina or Reality TV. I don’t think the personal lives of politicians are important. I think how they vote and govern is far more important then how creepy they are. I see many libs doing the same […]