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UPDATE: google+ would not allow this to be posted, ironically enough. This will be my last post on Google+. This morning google cancelled my account for an unspecified TOS violation. This would have been upsetting but not the end of the world. What was the end of the world, however, was that they also disabled […]

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I think today’s seniors are the last generation who will be able to retire. In American we barely have healthcare, have no mandatory vacation, and soon we won’t be able to retire. This is freedom.

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OK so Google+ is nice I guess, but it’s just making the problem worse: If I have something I want to share, I have to do more and more things to accomplish that, depending on what kind of a thought it is: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. SOcial networking is getting too messy for me. It […]

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here are some notes I took while editing a scene for a client just to give you an idea… UPDATE: To be fair I need to tell you about one feature of FCPx that I love: the new video scopes are amazing and better than I have seen on any other NLE. fcp x no […]

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Europe talks about avoiding global financial collapse but austerity IS global financial collapse for most people and the media buys into the idea that global financial collapse for RICH PEOPLE is the only collapse that means anything. It’s all based on the idea that trickle-down economics works. It does not. It’s like there are two […]

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Just to let you know so you don’t have to spend hours searching for this like I did: You cannot do audio only transitions in FCPX. There is a work around: via @hdedition on Twitter hdedition: @bloatedlesbian Use two seperate Audio layers and indiivdually cross fade the end/beginning of each one. Need workarounds at this […]

Some things are really fucking obvious, but in America that just means Fox News has more work to do. In a for-profit healthcare system, such as the one we have now, private insurance companies only insure people with whom they can earn a profit. Therefore, they will not insure high-risk customers. In such a situation […]

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I’m so embarrassed that I as Madge Weinstein used to don a Godaddy tank top to advertise their services. I used to have my own discount codes which my long term audience knows were very very annoying to listen to. Because of this I feel the need to un-recommend Godaddy. If you don’t know why, […]

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I was at Club Boi, a gay club in Miami, a few weeks ago. I was bored when Nicki Miinaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” featuring Eminem started playing. The crowed went wild and seemed to be singing along with every line of the song. Now I haven’t read the words of this song but I did hear […]

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I think what wikileaks is doing is great. The media is so quick to condemn wikileaks yet if the media did their job, there would be no need for wikileaks. If the “news” were about matters of consequence instead of what glazed consumers’ eyeballs want to see, things would be different. Concerned citizens are starved […]

Blue dog democrats lost mAny seats. Progressives did not. Democratic party is getting more progressive while the democratic president “compromises” and becomes more conservative. More precisely, Obama is doing what his wealthy corporate personage wants him to do: Ignore the electorate. Many non voters see this deception for what it is: Allowi the “consumers” to […]

Here’s another article about Apple censoring its precious APP store. This time it’s about the Playboy app which doesn’t allow the display of playmates because they are NUDE! My issue is this: Have you looked at the game section of the APP store lately? There are hundreds if not thousands of FPS (First Person Shooter) […]

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git it lisswood gaga

I believe that years from now historians will refer to the time in which we are living as the “Post-Bush Era.” Post-Bush because Bush will be seen as the idiot who fucked up everything. Hopefully there will be another era after this period, but who knows what crazy shit finna happen next? But it will […]

So if corporations have freedom to spend whatever they want on campaigns, and corporations can be owned by anyone, including foreigners, how are we now not China’s bitch? Cold war what? Communism who?

Just look at today’s Supreme Court decision to lift campaign finance limits. This decision was made along party lines with the court’s four liberals dissenting. ALL FIVE of the majority opinion were judges appointed by Republican presidents. So now corporations have even more control thanks to the court whose majority was created by Republican presidents. […]

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THis is so funny. Perhaps Ableton Live has a built in irony engine. Please note that I have every confidence in Ableton fixing my problem- they are a very good company. I just think it’s too funny not to share: Hello Richard, we are really sorry that this problem has occurred to you! In order […]

Upset as I am about the fading hopes for health care legislation, I think it’s important to focus blame where it belongs the most: On the CEO’s of the evil health care insurance companies who would rather see tens of thousands of people die rather than to sacrifice any money from the bottom line. Blame […]

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This morning, I was reading a rumor about the possibility of a touch screen iMac. Whether or not this rumor is true, it emphasises a possibilty that I’ve been concerned about: What if Apple is slowly migrating the iPhone OS over to all of it’s Macintosh product line? I know you may be thinking that […]

lots of money on all these new consumer devices including a line of tablets which didn’t even exist until now. Oh and don’t forget all this ridiculous 3D crap. New camcorders, new TV’s, new cable dishes. New shit galore. By buying all this crap you will be fulfilling your patriot duty as a consumer. (You […]